Anti Corruption Helpline Number Delhi

Anti Corruption Helpline Number: With an objective to make Delhi a corruption free state, Delhi’s new Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal announced the opening of Anti-Corruption Helpline Number Delhi on 18 Feb. This is one of the major steps taken by the Delhi government to give a sign of relief to people who are always being harassed by officials asking for a bribe.

Anti Corruption Helpline Number

The anti-corruption phone line was first started in 2014 when the Arvind Kejriwal government was sworn. But because of some political hurdles, it did not last for long. However, the response to the number was tremendous and many people got benefited from it. Looking at the reaction and understanding the requirement of people in Delhi, Anti-corruption helpline number Delhi got re-launched with much bigger manpower and wider approach.

How Does Anti-Corruption Helpline Number Assist User:

People who have a complaint about officials asking for bribe call the number and experts at the helpline center guide them on how to trap the accused red handed. For the purpose, special training is being provided to complainant for doing sting operation on bribe takers. Here, the government has also taken care of the complainant ID not to be disclosed.

When people call the Arvind Kejriwal’s Anti-Corruption Helpline Number the call is categorized into serious and non-serious call. Serious calls gain got categorize weather caller want to perform sting operation to trap the accused. If he agrees on that then personalized training is given to him/her. Once the string is done and the accused is caught then the case is transferred to the anti-corruption branch for further action. At no point in time complainant identity is being disclosed.

Anti Corruption 24×7 Helpline Number Delhi: – 1031 (English and Hindi)

Anti Corruption Branch Address,
Directorate of Vigilance, Govt. of NCT of Delhi,
Vikas Bhawan-II, 5th Floor, Upper Bela Road,
Civil Lines, Delhi -110054