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ASUS Customer Care NumberASUS Customer Care Number:  Asus-A Unique Name with Dozen of Qualities: Every company decides for the name after making many researches. The same way, Asus is originated from Pegasus, the winged horse of the Greek mythology. Asus is not ended just with the name; a tag line is also connected with it which says, ‘Rock Solid. Heart Touching’ and after which ‘Inspiring Innovation’ and the current one is ‘In Search of Incredible’.

A look back to the origination:

Asus founded by Taipei in the year 1989 by hardware engineers such as Wayne Hsieh, T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, and M.T. Liao. All these engineers worked with Acer were on the high post. During that point of time, Intel Corporation when involve into supply with the new processors to the established companies such as IBM and after that Taiwanese companies need to wait for almost for six months to receive the engineering prototypes. To remove these issues, Asus created a motherboard by using Intel 486 and it has to work out waiting for access to the actual processor.

Praiseworthy Innovations:

Asus used highly innovative and modern ways and released PhysX accelerator card in the year 2005 in September month. Just after three months after the arrival of PhysX accelerator card, Asus moved to the LCD TV market and brought TLW32001 model. An important made by company according to which, Asus will cooperate with the Lamborghini for developing VX series.

To Work in Joint Venture Proved Great:

Asus joined Gigabyte Technology and they together take initiative for launching Eee PC at COMPUTEX Taipei. September 2009 also initiated in best results because Asus supported Blu-ray and leads to the launch of BD-ROM/DVD writer PC drive, BC-1205PT. No looking back and released innumerous Blu-ray notebooks. Asus become so large by this time that management decided for its split. After a meeting of the higher authorities, it is decided that Asus will divide into three independent companies such as Asus, Pegatron, and Unihan Corporation.

New Praiseworthy Innovations:

Asus launched U36, an Intel processor voltage standard, Intel core i3 or i5, series of laptops, desktop, computers, personal digital assistants, Zenfone Mobile Series, Servers, computer monitors, tablet computers and lastly the mobile devices.

ASUS Customer Care Number:

If you have any queries that you want to solve via knowledgeable guys then consider for using ASUS Zenfone Customer Care Number and seek the correct answers shortly. You will be able to catch the best results so not to worry, simply call and get answers soon.

Asus Zenfone Customer Care No: 1800 209 0365

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