Emirates India Customer Care & Online Booking Number

Emirates India Customer Care Online Booking Number

Emirates Customer Care: Emirates Never Compromised With Quality ServiceEmirates is the airline bus of the United Arab Emirates. It is the subsidiary of The Emirate Group (Owned by the Dubai government and under the investment corporation of Dubai). The airline is the largest in the Middle East and in terms of passenger carrier it secures the seventh position. In a week airline carries more than 2400 passengers. Its hub is in international airport Dubai, terminal 3. With its 230 aircraft, Emirates serves more than 150 destinations in 80 countries. The sixty countries include six continents too. The airline was the envisioned of Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, he is the chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates airlines and group.

Emirates Journey Till Date: The start of the airline was the thought of Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Nephew of Sheik Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum ) and Mr. Flanagan. Emirates started its journey in airlines in the year 1985. This year Emirates took its flight out of Dubai. It started with just two aircrafts one was the leased Boeing 737 and another was Airbus 300 B4. The aircraft was offered by Pakistan International airlines. Airline planned to start the flight from Dubai to Karachi, New Delhi, and Bombay and as per the plan, it took its first flight to Karachi. The next year 1986, the network acquired permission to take flights to Colombo, Amman, Cairo, and Dhaka and thus begun its expansion. In the year 2014, Emirates began its flight to India. The airline service was started to provide quality service and not the quantity. With its consistent efforts in maintaining quality service Emirates now turned into one of the major airlines. Presently, it plays a major role in travel and tourism and has become one of the conglomerates of the sector. The quality service is still the focus area of Emirates in each of its divisions.

Awards And Recognition: In the year of its expansion, Emirates never compromised with its quality services and thus it received many awards in its tenure till data. Some of the biggest achievements of Emirates are Emirates was named “Most Valuable Airline Brand” in the World. It became a sponsored Airline for tennis and other US games. Various mergers and acquire took place in these years, giving emirates a new wing to fly.

It is playing an important role in public international aviation policy and has a key impact on it. It is playing a significant role in social development by helping and running various orphanages. It is also contributing to Dubai’s vision to increase its tourism to AED300 billion in annual tourism revenue.

Emirates Customer Care Number:

The uncompromised quality service of Emirate is equally visible in Emirates India customer care too. The services of Emirates customer care remain at par. No matter what concern, complaint or query a person has, it is best answered and resolved by ground staff customer care team of Emirates. Assistance like flight schedule, booking of ticket, luggage carried, ticket cancellation and other types of assistance can be best taken at the customer care center of Emirates. To complaint anything and about Emirates services or anything about it, customer care is the best place of contact

Emirates Customer Care Number: 022 33773377
Emirates General queries: +44 2037886432

Emirates Hotel Booking Contact Number

TelephoneTel:+91 800 001 6075 (Indian)
+44 20 3320 2609 (International charges apply)
Emirates Car Hire Contact Number: 000-800-100-7384
Emirates Travel Insurance Helpline Number: + 44 1273303288
Emirates India Official Website: http://www.emirates.com/in

City Wise Helpline Number:

Delhi – 912 2337 73 377, +91 226 649 7979, +91 224 097 4097,
Bengaluru – +91 223 377 3377, +91 226 649 7979, +91 224 097 4097,
Ahmedabad – +91 223 377 3377, +91 224 097 4097, +91 226 649 7979
Chennai – +91 224 097 4097, +91 223 377 3377, +91 22 66 49 79 79
Hyderabad – +91 223 377 3377, +91 224 097 4097, +91 226 649 7979
Mumbai – +91 223 377 3377, +91 224 097 4097, +91 226 649 7979

1 thought on “Emirates India Customer Care & Online Booking Number”

  1. Dear Customer Care,

    I had an extremely unpleasant experience recently.

    1. On January 24th 2018, I booked a ticket for my wife – Ms. Anju Mary Abraham to travel from Bangalore to Dubai.
    2. The booking was done for Emirates Flight EK565 – ETD 7th March 2018 at 10:25 AM – Booking ID J4VWXS.
    3. I received confirmation on January 24th 2018, from Citrus, that they have received payment of Rs. 7830/- for the same.
    4. I received confirmation on January 24th 2018, from my bankers – HDFC Bank – that Rs. 7830/- has been paid to Emirates Citrus.
    5. I received confirmation on January 24th 2018, from Emirates that Booking J4VWXS was confirmed.

    On 7th March 2018, when my wife reached the Bangalore airport and arrived at the Emirates counter to board the flight, she was told that there was no booking as money was not paid to Emirates.

    1. I did not cancel Booking J4VWXS
    2. Emirates did not inform me that Booking J4VWXS was cancelled.
    3. I paid Rs. 7830/- from my HDFC Bank account to Emirates Citrus for the booking J4VWXS.
    How can booking be cancelled due to non-payment, when I have paid and received confirmation that payment has been made ?

    I have written to Mr Francis Castro from Emirates on the same and am awaiting a revert.
    But there are unanswered questions :
    1. Who cancelled the booking J4VWXS ?
    2. Why did Emirates staff say Rs. 7830/- is not paid, when proof of payment to Citrus and Emirates email confirmation is there ?
    3. If booking was cancelled, why did Emirates not intimate me of the same, that booking was cancelled.

    My wife traveled on the same flight Emirates Flight EK565 – ETD 7th March 2018 at 10:25 AM, by making a fresh/new over the counter booking – booking id BG8GQ2.
    The cost for the same was Rs. 9642/- .

    My request :
    1. Money paid for the first booking J4VWXS be refunded back to me. (Rs. 7830)
    2. Differential amount paid for new booking BG8GQ2 be refunded back to me (Rs. 9642 – Rs. 7830 = Rs. 1812)

    Hence total Refund back to me = Rs. 7830 + Rs. 1812 = Rs. 9642

    Please help in getting a quick resolution to this case.

    Thanks and Regards

    Junu Kuriakose Korathu (husband)
    Anju Mary Abraham (wife)


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