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Sony Customer Care NumberSony TV Customer Care NumberOrigin of Sony as a brand: The brand Sony saw its arrival when World War Ii was just ended. It was this time when Masaru Ibuka started a small electronic shop in Tokyo. The rise of this shop took place in shop located in department store building. Owner of the company invested $530 and employed 8 guys. In 1946, he joined hands with a colleague named Akio Morita and they both founded a company such as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. During that time, company has built first tape recorder Type –G. the change of the company happened in 1958 and it came to be known as ‘Sony’

A Successful Journey Begins with Transistor Radio:

The first product of the company came into being was TR-55 transistor radio which appeared in 1955. After that another product such as TR-63 radio appeared in the U.S. market and this leads to the launch of consumer microelectronics. The transistor became so popular that youngsters have started using transistor radios to a large extent. The sale of the transistor reached to one lakh approximately.

How went the employment to the brilliant brains?:

Co-founder of the Sony, Mr Akio Morita came up with Sony Corporation of America in the year 1960. In this whole process, company was badly struck with the mobility of so many American based companies. After back to Japan, he decided to hire middle-aged, experienced employees to join Sony. In this manner, various positions have been joined and this proved as an inspiration to so many Japan based companies. Sony played a poignant role in developing the Japan as the powerful name for the years from 1960-1980

What Company Brought for Consumers?:

The production of Handycam, Video8 format, 4 mm DAT, etc gained popularity all over. In 1979 walkman came into being which proved to be the portable music player used with the cassette. Sony also produced MiniDisc format as a complementary product to Philips DCC. It has also manufactured audio compression technologies under the brand name ATRAC. Sony also brought Dolby Digital 5.1, 90 mm micro diskettes,  Memory Stick format, music playing robot i.e. Rolly, Sony LED TV etc.

Sony TV Customer Care Number:

For query related to the product or for collecting any info about the company simply call at the Sony LED TV Customer Care Number and fetch the way out shortly. Just dial the helpline number and seek the appropriate results.

Sony LED TV Toll Free Number: 1800-103-7799 (For Demo & Installation (TV&HT) Select IVR Option 2)

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