Taj Mahal Agra Tickets Online Booking

Fetch the golden Opportunity for Making Taj Mahal Tickets Online Booking! : – If you have heard it for the first time that booking for the Taj Mahal entry tickets now possible online, then you have heard it rightly! In case you are planning to visit Taj Mahal then save your precious time, by making online bookings now!

Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders in the world is a hot spot amongst tourists. People organize trips to get a glimpse of this beautiful monument which indicates love of Shahjahan for her queen Mumtaz. It is obvious to get mesmerized with its spellbound beauty. If you wanted to visit to this place at least once in your lifetime, then quickly look forward for Taj Mahal Agra tickets online booking. This is the right opportunity for you to watch this rare place on the planet.

Taj Mahal Tickets Online Booking

Enjoy Attention-Grabbing Taj Mahal with Ease; Avail Entrance Ticket In advance: – You will be happy to know that if you are planning your next trip to Taj Mahal, you need not to wait in a long queue for your turn to avail the ticket. Get excellent chance to get rid of long queues at the ticket window for fetching the ticket for Taj Mahal. This is wastage of precious time and energy as well. You can be free from such a frustrated task if you choose for prior booking option as this will save your valuable time which you might have taken out from the hectic schedule.

Obtain relief by having Convenient Entrance using e-facility: You must know certain things before moving to this place. Taj Mahal is opened for all the days a week except Friday. This means that the coming weekend will be right time to catch the place. So, what are waiting for, make an internet surfing and get done with the ticketing task quickly before it is too late. Just carry the print out of the ticket along with you and show while making an entrance. This special proviso will definitely save you from hotchpots. Spend quality time by enjoying the serene beauty, fountains, and gardens with your family, relatives, and friends now!

Make bookings as per the following specific days:

  • You can view Taj Mahal during night time as well, which is valid for last five days of every month.
  • Two days prior full moon day
  • Night of the full moon day

Note: Night view is restricted for up to 400 people, so make hurry before it is too late in making online booking.

You can also visit Taj Mahal Official Website : – http://www.tajmahal.gov.in/

Taj Mahal Agra Entry Fee
Foreign tourist     : Rs-750/-
Domestic/Indian Tourist    : Rs-20/-
Citizens of SAARC and BIMSTEC Countries   : Rs-510/-