Tata Swach Customer Care Helpline Number

Tata Swach Customer Care: Understanding the demand of today India Tata Swatch has brought lost cost maintenance and affordable water purifier for home usages. In the present time safe drinking water is the biggest challenge every Indian house is facing. Tata Swatch product has been made by Tata house to solve the problems of Indian house that cannot afford expensive water purifiers.

The products Tata Swatch has been manufactured after much brain storming keeping in mind the average Indian family that needs clean drinking water but cannot spend much on water purifiers. The technology used in Tata Swach to make water drinkable is advance TSRF and Silver nanotechnology. It has technology to kills harmful germs present in water and make the water safer for you and your family.

Tata Swatch offers two ranges in water purifier electric and non-electric. Prices for both varyaccording to features. In range of non-electric water purifier, Tata has three products Silver Boost, Cristella Plus and Tata Swatch Smart. All equipped with Silver Nanotechnology. And in electric purifier category it has four products Platina Silver RO, Ultima Silver RO, Viva Silver UV+UF, Tata Swatch Nova Silver RO.

Tata Swach Customer Care Helpline Number:

The advantage of electric water purifier is it uses the most advance technology for cleaning water and turn hard water into tasty drinkable form. Tata has a strong team of customer service that provides help to users when they are need. For any inquiry about TS products you can call the Toll Free Customer Care Number anytime.

Tata Swatch Toll Free Helpline No : – 1800-2-002205 / 1800-2-585858
Tata Swatch Customer Care Email Address : – [email protected]

If you have any complaint kindly write to below Tata Swatch Email Address
[email protected]  and  [email protected]