How to Post free ads in Quikr

The process to Post Ads in Quikr Required Following Mentioned Steps: The process is quick and simple. It will lead to completion within 30 seconds of time. Given below is the step by step process:

Quikr process

  1. First of all click on the ‘Post Free Ad’ link available in the header if you move onto Quikr pages.
  2. After this, choose a specific city as well as the exact location from the drop-down menu where you want to display your ad if you failed to get the location then enter the closest one. Quikr keeps on adding more locations for every city
  3. Once you have selected city and location, choose the category as well as a subcategory in order to match the product or service that you wish to promote or sell. For instance, if you are selling a car then post the ad in the category of Cars and Bikes and in the subcategory of Cars or SUVs vans
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  5. After you have chosen with the subcategory, add the features as well. Make sure for entering the AD type as well as price option. These are two of the compulsory entries that you need to make.
  6. You are supposed to enter the right title for the ad for seeking attention to the product and avail enough of the details of the item or service. It is like help to the buyer to know more about the item. For availing quick response from consumers, mention your contact details too.
  7. Make sure for uploading at least 4 pictures of your item that you want to sell to enhance the attraction of your advertisement.
  8. Then, enter email address to avail the Id and password mailbox, post ads, fetch replies to the ads, avail buyer alters and special offers.
  9. If you want to add your mobile number then mention it as well.
  10. Lastly, press the ‘Post Ad’ button and your Ad will be posted soon to the city that you have selected.
  11. After posting the Ad, you will be privileged with the confirmation email address
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