Air India Express Customer Care: Air India Express Offers Best Quality Air Service To Middle East : With an objective to provide low cost connectivity between India and Middle East and Southeast Asia, Air India (Premier flight service provider of India) decided to start an aircraft service. Thus they started Air India Express. The Air India Express is the subsidiary of Air India and functions under its flagship.

Air India Express started operating flights in Year 2005 with three flights taking off at time from three different destinations. The destinations were Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode and Kochi. The main objective of running flights of Air India with different banner was to cut down cost of travelling but providing comfort equivalent to Air India primary air lines. Thus, the express airline was operated point to point. There was no hub in between and boeing737-800 is used to take all the flights. The pattern is continued till date.


Headquarter of Air India Express is in Kochi but its flight are operated majorly from states of South India, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Kozhikode, Mangalore, Chennai and Tiruchirapally Other destinations are Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Varanasi, New Delhi, Amirtsar and Jaipur. The Express Airline is planning to introduce new destination for both domestic and international destinations very soon. The hub of Air India Express is at Cochin International Airport, ChhatrapatiShivaji International Airport, Calicut International Airport and Trivandrum International Airport. Primary destinations covered by Airline internationally are Dubai International airport, Bahrain International Airport, Mangalore International Airport and Sharjah International Airport.

Air India Express Customer Care Number

Good customer care is the uniqueness of Air India Express and it has no compromise to that. Therefore, Express Air India started the service of customer care to take care of need of their passenger. For any query or concern related to Air India Flights, passengers can call to customer care number and get assistance from them.

The customer care helpline number remains operational round the clock and passengers can call support number anytime. They can contact support team of Air India Express for various concerns like confirmation of tickets, check flight status, cancellation of tickets, check in timings etc.

Air India Express Online Booking Flight

Booking of Air India Express flight can be done either by visiting to official site or various third party service providers too are available to help passengers in booking ticket. Express has fully operational website with easy navigation process to support passengers with everything related to flying.

Fleet : Because the objective of Air India Express is to provide budget air travel to Indian to various Middle East and South East Asia destinations. Therefore, all air craft has single class economy. At the same time, The Express has not compromised with its quality service.

Staff : The staff of Express airline of Air India is just as polite as Air India. Proper safety, comfort and maintenance of flight are taken care by Airline staff. Airline has ample ground as well as on air staff to take care of passengers.

Air India Express Customer Care Helpline Number

Air India Express Helpline Number


Air India Express Customer Care Number

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